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Happy Birthday!

On behalf of Cabot Cove & your Covian Family, we wish you all a happy birthday to Louise W., Gay S., Mary E., Justine H., and David R.! We hope your day is filled with lots of love, laughter, & fun. May all your wishes come true!

Cabot Cove of Largo - Happy Birthday Louise
Cabot Cove of Largo - Happy Birthday Gay
Cabot Cove of Largo - Happy Birthday Justine
Cabot Cove of Largo - Happy Birthday Mary
Cabot Cove of Largo - Happy Birthday David

September Birthdays

In astrology, those born from September 1–22 are Virgo’s virgins. Often symbolized by the goddess of agriculture, Virgos are deeply connected to the material world. They are logical, practical, and aware of every detail. Those born from September 23–30 balance the scales of Libra. Libras strive for equilibrium and symmetry and flourish in harmonious partnerships. Libras often surround themselves with tasteful art objects and designs that create balanced environments.

Louise W. September 4th – Gay S. September 10th – Mary E. September 13th – Justine H. September 17th – David R. September 22nd

By Any Other Name.

US CapitolIn January of 1791, George Washington, using the power vested to him by Congress through 1790’s Residence Act, chose a site along the Potomac River for the new U.S. capital. Washington appointed three commissioners with the task of naming this new city, all the while assuring them that “they should decide freely on their own view of things.” Rumors swirled in Philadelphia of the city being named Washingtonople or Washingtonopolis. Others lobbied that it be called Columbus, in honor of Christopher Columbus and the impending 300th anniversary of his arrival in America. Finally, on September 8, 1791, the three commissioners were joined by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to decide on the name once and for all. A compromise was struck. The city itself would be called simply Washington, with the surrounding area known as the District of Columbia.

A Hairy Situation.

Men, put away your razors. September 3 is World Beard Day. According to the bearded founders of Beard Day, it is traditional on this holiday for the beardless to wait on the bearded hand and foot. Perhaps that is why so few of the beardless care to know that September 3 is World Beard Day. Why do men grow beards? Scientists have attempted to answer this question for a long time. A common theory is that men groom their facial hair to attract a mate. Studies show, however, that most women don’t like beards. Instead, beards are just another way that men compete with each other. Men with beards are often perceived as older, stronger, and more aggressive than other men. In this light, beards are a show of dominance. Other studies have shown that in times when there are more single men competing for fewer women, mustaches and beards become fashionable. Does that explain the current beard trend? One social scientist believes that beards are in fashion due to a “crisis of masculinity” and that men who feel disassociated from their masculinity grow big beards to reassure themselves.


Classical Music Month

Piano Month

Hispanic Heritage Month
September 15–October 15

Labor Day (U.S.)
September 5

Grandparents’ Day
September 11

International Talk Like a
September 19

World Alzheimer’s Day
September 21

Rosh Hashanah Begins
September 25

Birthday Party with Carla
September 29

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