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A Look inside Cabot Cove of Largo Assisted Living & Integrated Memory Care Community

Pirates were in the House!

The ever-popular Gasparilla events in the Tampa Bay area inspired us at Cabot Cove to throw our own pirate party! The residents came out with a “arr matey”! Gasparilla began in 1904 when Miss Louise Francis Dodge, society editor of the Tampa Tribune, and George W. Hardee, then with the federal government in Tampa, conspired to promote the City of Tampa and its May Day celebration. The residents & staff members of Cabot Cove helped to bring this celebration to life! We all partook in a little “grub & grog”, as the pirates would say. The pirate trivia ended up in a tie between team Ron & team Jill! Way to go teams! The costumes were a lot of fun too! Everyone received beads in the tradition of Gasparilla, also a compass to keep the way straight! The eye patch to feel like a real pirate, and of course they all received a little treasure chest, filled with goodies! Land Ho!

assisted living resident dressed as pirate

Charlotte on board the Cabot Cove pirate ship ready to set sail!

assisted living resident enjoying Gasparilla

Lynn, Donna, Barbara & Ebonee, having a great time!

assisted living seniors dressed as pirates

Fran on the lookout for any enemy ships!

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party was a Hit!

assisted living resident enjoying the tea party

Cabot Cove had a magical time last month at the Alice in Wonderland tea party. Victoria made the whimsical tale come alive with her story telling and beautiful music of her harp. She dressed as Alice and mesmerized the audience with songs from Disney’s many movies. Along with tea we had cherry filled pastries, cupcakes & shortbread butter cookies.

music performance at Assisted Living Cabot Cove of Largo
happy assisted living residents at the Alice in Wonderland tea party at Cabot Cove of Largo

All About Puzzles!

The puzzles originated as educational devices to teach geography (dissected maps) in 18th-century England. Dissected pictures followed, covering such subjects as history, alphabets, botany, and zoology. The use of popular pictures began in the 1860s and ’70s, in both Great Britain and the United States. The puzzles became extremely popular in the early 1900s and had a revival in the Great Depression of the 1930s as an inexpensive, reusable amusement. Another revival began after World War II, and jigsaw puzzles have remained a popular entertainment since then. Brittanica Puzzles are a fantastic and relaxing pastime that many enjoy.

Mary has a great spot next to her window. She loves to work on her puzzles daily. Nancy has a special table she can move around her room anywhere. She works on her puzzles everyday. It’s a great way to destress! The facility has many puzzles for anyone to borrow. Contact activities to check them out!

assisted living resident enjoying puzzle time
assisted living resident with her puzzle


Mardi Gras Party
February 13th at 2:30pm
Karaoke w/ Bob Burns

Valentine’s Day Candlelight Dinner
February 14th at 5:00pm

Resident Council Meeting
February 15th at 10:30am

February Birthday Party with Lou
February 23rd at 3:00pm

Magic Show
February 29th at 2:30pm
w/ Razzmatazz Entertainment

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